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Massachusetts Filing Tips

Massachusetts Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resident agent?

A Massachusetts resident agent is the same thing as a Massachusetts registered agent. Our Massachusetts resident agent information is pre-populated on the state forms inside your online account. All you need to do is sign up for service, and the forms you file are in your online account with our resident agent information on them.

What is the quickest way to make a filing with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

There are two options. You can file online for a domestic entity at:

If you are registering a foreign entity, the quickest way is to go through their fax filing system. It is a little odd though… You have to basically start the process online at:

You actually pay for it online… Then it creates a cover sheet with a bar code. Then you fax the whole filing into the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and they will fax back or email back confirmation of the filing.

How do I change my Massachusetts resident agent?

The simplest way is make the change online. It happens instantly. You start here:

You basically have to get your CID and PIN number. You can email: [email protected]  and they are very fast at emailing it back to you. Then you’ll go through the process and pick statement of change of resident agent and office, and appoint us as the resident agent. The change happens immediately.