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Massachusetts Registered Agent Service in Pittsfield, Massachusetts!

$49 a year Massachusetts registered agent service.

What is a Massachusetts registered agent?

A Massachusetts registered agent is a legal resident of Massachusetts that maintains a physical address located in Mass. A Massachusetts registered agent must be open during normal business hours to accept service of process and any legal notifications on behalf of a company.

What is a Massachusetts registered office?

A Massachusetts registered office is the physical address that must be inside the MA state boundary lines where the registered agent must be present to accept legal documents on behalf of a company. It’s simply a fancy term for a physical address located within Massachusetts.

Why do I need a Massachusetts registered agent?

Massachusetts state law requires all Massachusetts LLCs and Massachusetts corporations to appoint one on the articles of incorporation or articles of organization and maintain this relationship. The English answer is: Residents of Massachusetts need a way to legally complain to every business registered to do business in Mass. Requiring a registered agent forces every business to have a door open to the general public, should there need to be legal service of process upon a business.

Massachusetts state law requires all Massachusetts LLCs and Massachusetts corporations to maintain an MA registered agent and registered office to receive service of process.

But not all registered agents and Massachusetts registered offices are created equal.

The Massachusetts Registered Agent Service Advantage

Fast and Efficient Service

You’re busy. We get that. That’s why we designed the fastest, most hassle-free online system in the industry. You enter your information once. After that, it’s pre-populated in every form you’ll ever need.

Our Massachusetts registered office experts know all the ins and outs of business in Massachusetts. You could spend your money with one of our corporate conglomerate competitors, but don’t be surprised if you get lost in the corporate shuffle. Many of our LLC and corporation clients start with the big boys and change registered agents when they realize how slow and cumbersome giant corporations really are.

We’re not that big, but we’re fast. We will process your filings faster than anybody. The right way. The first time. Guaranteed.

When we receive documents on your behalf, you get a notification the same day. The document is uploaded into your online account immediately. We don’t waste your time.

It’s the same no matter what document comes into our Massachusetts registered office: your services of process, annual reports, Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth notifications. We contact you faster and more efficiently than anyone.

That way you can get on with your life.

Save Yourself Some $$$

You may have noticed we’re not in Boston. Our Massachusetts registered office is on the west side of the state in good old Pittsfield. We like Boston well enough. Many of our competitors have offices in Boston. Maybe you’ll like Boston too, if you like wasting money.

Here’s the simple truth: our cost of doing business is lower here than it would be in Boston. And when we save money, we pass that on to our LLCs and corporations like yours. When you save money, you’re happy. Happy clients make repeat customers. Everybody wins.

Massachusetts Business Presence

Speaking of clients, chances are you want to connect to your customers and clients ASAP. No worries. We provide you all the tools to set up your professional Massachusetts business presence to connect with your audience. We give you one year of domain service FREE, along with 90 days free:

  • Open-source website
  • SSL service to keep that website secure
  • Business email address
  • A business phone line

We give you all of the above at no upfront cost so that your business is immediately set up to make the right impression. Cancel at any time.

Why Do I Have to Hire a Massachusetts Registered Agent?

State law (Title XXII 156D 5.01) requires business entities to maintain a Massachusetts resident agent and registered office within Massachusetts. A Massachusetts resident agent can be an individual, domestic corporation, or non-profit corporation. They must have a physical address within Massachusetts that remains open during regular business hours.

Massachusetts registered agents exist so that legal proceedings, called services of process, can be served upon a business. They also function as a contact point between a business and the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Notifications, such as annual report reminders, are sent to a company’s resident agent.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Massachusetts?

Yes, you can act as your own Massachusetts registered agent, as long as you have a physical address in Massachusetts and can be available at that address during regular business hours each day.

What Are the Duties of a Registered Agent?

  • We accept services of process (notification of a lawsuit) for our clients
  • We accept official notices from the State of Massachusetts on behalf of our clients
  • We maintain a registered office (our commercial office in Pittsfield, which is open during business hours)
  • We forward our clients’ documents to them within minutes of receiving them
  • We notify our clients the day their documents arrive in our registered office

What is a Massachusetts Resident Agent?

A Massachusetts registered agent is sometimes called a Resident Agent. They are the same thing. They conduct the same business and have the same duties.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent to You?

The Form: Statement of Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office

Massachusetts has separate forms for MA LLCs and MA Corporations. Both are available in your online account when you sign up for our service.

The Cost: $25 for Paper or Fax Filing, FREE if Filed Online

Fastest Method: Online

Massachusetts allows you to file most every form online. Click here to access their online system. We are not required to sign your Statement of Change form.

Online filings are processed immediately.

Quick Method: Fax

You can fill out the form online, pay your fee online, and then print out the fax cover sheet. Faxed filings are usually processed the same day, unless you send them on a weekend. Click here to fax your document to the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Slow Method: Mail or Walk-In

You can send your form in the mail to the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office. We do not need to sign your Statement of Change form.

Mailed filings can take 3-5 business days to process.

Expedite Options:

There is an expedite option only if you fax file your document. The expedite fee is $5.

Do I Hire a Registered Agent Before or After I Form My Business?

You need to hire a registered agent and designate a registered office before you file your formation documents with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Your Articles of Organization (Corporations) or Certificate of Organization (LLCs) will be rejected by the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office without a Massachusetts resident agent.

How Do I File My Business Formation Documents in Massachusetts?

Option #1: Online Filing

Online filings are processed immediately. There is an additional expedite fee for online filings ($15 for Corporations, $20 for LLCs). A CID and PIN are not currently required for this filing.

Option #2: Fax Filing

Fax filings are generally processed within 48 hours. There is an additional expedite fee ($15 for Corporations, $20 for LLCs).

Option #3: Mail or Walk-In

Mail and walk-in filings are the slowest option but are still processed usually within 3-5 business days. There are no additional expedite fees for mail or walk-in filings.

For more information, see our page on How To Change Registered Agents in Massachusetts.

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